Advanced audio and lighting technologies

We are a small, very dynamic company in Milan and we operate in the electroacoustic field. For some time now we have been carrying out small and large projects with precision, passion and will. Our customers are public entertainment venues, clubs and the domestic sector.

We are specialized in Point source systems with various types of loadings and Horn Loaded which is our flagship from the smallest to the multi-amplified systems.

Our products are handcrafted with industrial finishes and oven painted by a company specialized in embossing, but we also deal with enamel painting, veneering and consolidating treatments.


Electroacoustics, architectural lighting, environmental acoustic corrections

Here our products divided by type.

Accuracy and obsessive attention to details

Ours is a chosen profession and it did not arrive by chance

Since my childhood I identified what I absolutely wanted to do despite having everyone against. After a climb of mistakes, hundreds of hours and years of work and frustrations together with my teachers I eventually had the courage to start my journey alone.
My job is made of only a few annual editions, it borders on art and our pieces are made with the utmost creativity and passion.





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