Advanced audio and lighting technologies

We listen to every need of customers

Making a concrete step in their direction.

Our priority and prerogative is to realize what the customer imagines and then making its execution unique. Le nostre installazioni sono certificate sulla parte statica e installate su vari sistemi per lo smorzamento in bassissima frequenza che nelle varie sezioni del sito, troverete i diagrammi delle diversità di emissioni e dello smorzamento durante la propagazione adiacente alle strutture di maggiore trasmissione. Siamo in grado di realizzare ogni tipo di progetto Elettroacustico lavorando ad Hoc materiali lignei, resine da costruzione e altri materiali necessari per gli accoppiamenti vari.

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“You can't just ask customers what they want and try to give them that. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."

Steve Jobs

High precision tools

competence alone is sometimes not enough

We have tools with manual piloting and a numerically controlled CNC to guarantee complex machining with industrial finishes.
In addition of being specialized in high efficiency systems, we are specialized in super directional emission systems for the solution of environmental noise pollution by reducing the rear emission of the transducer.

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The first rule in repairing something is to safeguard all the parts.

Keep it all.

The experience in the electroacoustic sector has led us to be repairers of everything related to a sound box. We are specialized in the entertainment industry. Our repairs consist of: refurbishment of furniture texturing, restoration of wooden materials worn by liquids and/or use, cross over refurbishment, frontal sponges, varnishing and speaker repairs. This service means Multi-brand.

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The high attraction for beauty and electrical engineering has also led us to get specialized in indirect architectural lighting. We are specialized in handcrafted structures on specifications for housing lighting box systems and we create simple piloting systems in monochromatic Dali, rgb-rgbw systems and dynamic systems from the smallest to the widest. The management takes place via DMX signal for large-scale, however, for systems for domestic use, piloting systems are created according to the customer's needs.

Our crafts are refined, reliable and of remarkable precision. For dynamic systems, you will find useful links among the partners, including the two program solutions we used.





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